The Sanctuary leisure club is a state of the art facility offering the following:

  • Heated swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Hot tub
  • Gymnasium
  • Exercise studio
Sanctuary Health & Fitness Club

Guests of the hotel can enjoy use of the facilities during their stay and our team of expert instructors are always on-hand to help and advise.

The Gym
At the Sanctuary we have a fully equipped state of the art Fitness area with high performance cardio equipment including Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers, Stepper and Cross trainers.
We have Resistance machines to work every Body part and a free weights and stretching area with gradual weights up to 40 Kg Dumbbells and 250Kg Barbells.
Our fitness team are all trained to NVQ level 3 fitness instructors/personal trainers or higher and will provide all members with expert advice and one on programmes designed to meet your specific needs.

The Pool
The Pool is 10 meters in length and 1.35 meters deep, It is set at a warm temperature between 29-30 degrees. It also has the children's pool which is shallow.
The Spa is set at 40 degrees and seats up to 8 people with relaxing bubbles or more powerful side jets.
We also have a Steam room with essence lights and eucalyptus scent, and a Sauna for those who prefer dry heat.

Alasdair’s aqua classes are fast and energetic, and can often be very full! He makes the most of the water’s natural cushioning effect, which is great for those of you with sore knees or hips, as you’ll doing things you might not be able to manage on land! These classes always give you as much of a cardiovascular workout as possible and often also include some resistance work at the end, using water dumbbells or noodles to train specific muscle groups against the natural resistance of the water. Exercises you may be doing in these classes include star jumps, tuck jumps, and even kung fu kicks! Suitable for 16-70 year olds.

For enquiries please contact Sanctuary direct on 01539 739588 or send an email

Sanctuary Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 7am - 10pm
Friday: 7am - 9pm
Weekends:  8am - 8pm

NB Swimming lessons take place in the pool Wednesday - Saturday at varying times,
please contact Sanctuary reception 01539 739588 for times.

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Sanctuary Health & Fitness Club Membership

Come and experience The Sanctuary first hand and take advantage of our fantastic membership offers. Also as a member of The Sanctuary you will benefit from a 10% discount on any food and drink purchased in the bar.

2 months £69 £59 £169
3 months £99 £79 £219
6 months £169 £149 £409
12 months £299 £279 £779

Day membership also available: £8 Adults (or £5 if signing in with a current member); £5 Children.

For any enquiries please contact Sanctuary direct on 01539 739588 or send an email

Meet The Team

Meet the team at the Sanctuary Health and Fitness Club.

John Rodgers

About John:
John is Manager at The Sanctuary, he has worked here since 2007. He is a fully qualified Personal trainer and advanced fitness instructor, specializing in strength and conditioning training and weight management. He enjoys supporting both Blackpool and Liverpool FC in his spare time.

Snowboarding, Football, Weight Lifting.

Diploma in Personal training
CYQ Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Fit Pro 10 Minute Gym Award
Medicine Ball Instructor
Kettle Bell Instructor
1st Aid At Work

Alasdair Russell

About Alasdair:
Alasdair has been a member of staff since August 2007 and remained so despite studying in Louisiana for a year and completing a degree at the University of Central Lancashire. He now runs a Sports Injury Clinic in Kendal, and works with athletes at Sedbergh School, as well as instructing and teaching classes here at the Sanctuary.

Middle Distance Running (1500m, 3km steeplechase and cross country), British Athletics, Cardiovascular programming, Classes, Sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Sports Therapy Degree (BSc Hons)
Life Guard (American Red Cross)
NVQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Sports First Aid
Fit Pro 10minute Gym
Community Sports Leadership Award

Toby Nelson

About Toby:

Toby joined the team in June 2019 after recently graduating with a degree in Business Economics from Leeds Beckett University.


Toby enjoys many sports including football and represented Cumbria for golf. He's a Manchester City fan and frequently uses the facilities within the Sanctuary.


Toby is currently working towards becoming a fitness instructor and has a keen interest in fitness.

Heidi Murray

About Heidi:

Heidi is back from university in America and is currently studying Exercise Science with a Coaching Minor. Heidi is also a member of the university cross country and track and field team.


Running, cycling, skiing, coaching and spending time with friends and family.


Level 3 in Personal training
Level 5 in Sports Nutrition
Level 3 in Child Nutrition
Sports First Aid
Sport Leadership Award
Personal Training

Personal Training

Need help achieving your fitness goals?

Then take advantage of our fully qualified personal trainers and get a tailor made Personal Training package with this special offer:

Buy 5 PT sessions for £150 and get 1 month's Gold Gym Membership for FREE.

Call Sanctuary on 01539 739588 to get your bespoke fitness plan with 5 one hour sessions.

The Benefits of Personal Training

  • Motivation – Personal trainers wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but as an educator, confidant, role model and a major source of motivation and encouragement as well.
  • Consistency – Do you find it difficult to stick to your program? Scheduling regular appointments with a personal trainer helps eliminate any excuses you might come up with for not exercising.
  • Safety – Unsure about how to use the chest press machine at the gym or how to perform walking lunges without hurting your knees? A personal trainer will show you how to exercise safely (including which exercises to avoid) and instruct you on the proper and safe use of exercise equipment.
  • Individualized Instruction – What works for one person, may not work for another when it comes to choosing an exercise program. A personal trainer will develop the most effective program for you based on your fitness evaluation results and personal goals. Beginners in particular benefit from instruction on how to perform specific exercises and program planning.
  • Effective Workouts – Today's hectic lifestyles mean you don't have time to waste on ineffective exercise routines. Personal trainers help maximize your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Supervision – Personal attention during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers. Need someone to spot you while you do pull-ups? Looking for feedback on your running form? No problem-that's what your personal trainer is for-to observe, assist and, if necessary, correct as needed.
  • Sports-specific Training – Many amateur and professional athletes work with a personal trainer during the off-season to prepare themselves for in-season competition. Whether you want to shave some strokes off your golf score or beat your brother-in-law at tennis, a personal trainer can tailor your program to your sport of choice.
  • Injury Rehabilitation – Injuries and accidents can prevent you from participating in your favorite activities. An experienced personal trainer, however, can make the road to recovery a smooth one by recommending exercises that emphasize overall muscular balance to prevent future injuries.
  • Special-needs Training – Research confirms that individuals with health challenges such as diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis or heart disease benefit greatly from regular physical activity. These conditions, however, can make exercising safely a challenge. Many personal trainers are experienced in designing programs that address the special needs of these and other conditions.
  • Ego Boost – It's a fact-feeling good makes you look good, and vice versa. Not only can your personal trainer help you achieve your health and fitness goals, they provide you with positive feedback on your performance and bolster your confidence to take on new challenges.